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1/ Hello, could you begin by introducing yourself, how you met, how did you come up with the idea of forming Affront ?

M.Mictian : Hi I'm M.Mictian, bass player of Affront Brazilian Thrash / Death Metal. Some time ago I played another band, a Black Metal band. And then I was already thinking about founding AFFRONT, and I started writing songs and lyrics and I thought of a name for the band that could transmit what the lyrics of songs said. I had this idea in my head for some time.


2/ With which bands did you discover metal ?

When I was very young I heard the band Kiss and I fell in love it was amazing that song playing on the radio, and then I heard Black Sabbath, Iron Maid I was fascinated and with that I was discovering Heavy Metal.


3/ As soon as the band is formed, you enter the studio to record your first album,"Angry voices". Some titles were already ready or did you do everything in a few months ?

As I said before, I had all the idea formed in my head, I had several songs ready and many lyrics, a good part of the album was composed, but in the studio with R.Rassan we finished composing other songs to complete the album, he is an excellent guitarist and has worked hard. So we had a full album.


4/ What are your favourite themes and why ?

My favorites are: "Scum of the World", "Conflicts", "Wartime Conspiracy", "Mestre do Barro", "Violence" and "Sowed by Lies". I think it's the songs that best define our ideas at the moment, of course we like the whole album, but it would be these songs that I would like to highlight.


5/ An european edition with two unreleased bonus tracks will be released by Polymorphe Records in january 2018. How did you come to work together, who approached the other ?

I saw some promotions on social networks made by PolyMorphe recs. So I decided to write to them. I was looking for some record label to release the album, and I wrote to Fred showing my band AFFRONT. He was very kind and asked to listen to the album and I sent it and he liked it and we are here. But also Max Otero (Mercyless) encouraged me with all this, said that I should really send, he is also a great guy.


6/ What is your news? With the european edition, do you have any dates scheduled on the continent ?

The album will be released in January in Europe. We are working with a manager in Russia to schedule a tour in Europe and Russia for 2018. I believe we will have this tour to promote the album. It's almost all right.


7/ Are you taking a break to continue the promotion or do you already have ideas for a new album ?

We never stopped. We are releasing "Angry Voices", but in the spare time we are doing a pre-production of the new album. We work intensively.


8/ Thank you for taking the time to answer these few questions, I let you conclude....

It is always good to have a space in the media so that we can talk about our work. We are working hard to have our space in the metal world scene. And you gave us a good opportunity. We Are AFFRONT. Thank you so much.

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