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1/ Greetings! Can you start by introducing Daemonokrat to our readers ?

Hello pleased to talk with you !!!

The name Daemonokrat comes out from the combination of the two greek words Daimon (δαίμων, divine being) and Kratos (Κρατος, power). We formed in 2013 from the ashes of the Black/Thrash band Religio Mortis. We needed to evolve our music into something that better represented our motivation and attitude of that very moment, thus resulting into faster and more structured compositions. We felt the need to experiencing a more Death Metal sounding territory.


2/ Which groups have influenced you the most ?

Basically Slayer, Carnivore, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Nocturnus,  Revenant, Napalm Death.... and the list might be too long.


3/ Your first album, "The scourge of chaos", was released in March 2017, what feedback did you get from it ?

We got several positive feedbacks so far, both from the press and fans.


4/ This is the second time that Giorgio Trombino of Haemophagus has officiated as a guest since he has already appeared on your first EP,"Predators", and this time you also have Mr. Kam Lee de Mantas/Death/Massacre. How did these collaborations take place ?

Giorgio is an old time friend of ours, so it was nice having him again in our release.

Regarding Kam Lee, I sent him a preview of the album and he enthusiastically encouraged for a collaboration. It was obviously more than an honour!


5/ It was four years between your Ep and your album. Was it longer than expected or did you decide to take your time to perfect it ?

We took our time to focus onto a more incisive sound.


6/ What is your composition process ?

First Necrosplatter and I work on the music and later I take care of the lyrics.


7/ What is your news ?

We recently had a few changes in the line-up. Currently 'El is our new drummer and D.Doom is the new bass player.


8/ What are your projects now ?

We are now in the middle of writing new stuff for the following album and we are planing our booking for gigs in Italy next summer.


9/ I thank you for taking the time to answer these few questions and leave it to you to conclude…

Thank you all for the pleasent time and space given. Special thanks also to Fred of Polymorphe Records.

You can listen our full album on Youtube:

And you can buy The Scourge of Chaos from here:

Cheers and keep it up !

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