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Entretien avec Alena Dark Zero (all vocals)

1/ Dobrý den! Can you introduce Nocturnal Pestilence ?

Hey ! We are a metal band from Prague, Czech Republic. We started as a youth band and formed Nocturnal Pestilence in 2010. Currently we have 4 members, me on vocals, Matyas who plays guitar and compose most of our music, Link on keys and Theo on bass. We have a session drummer for live shows and recording. It’s kind of hard to describe our music in a few words, but basically we play blackened metal with rock, prog, classical and other influences. Our music is very emotional and highly melodic.


2/ Alena, which male or female singers influenced you the most? And musically speaking ?

Since I listen to huge variety of genres and try to explore any good music, I can think of many great musicians that influenced me in my own endeavours. However, if I should point out the most important ones in terms of vocal skills, I would choose Christina Aguilera, Tatiana from Jinjer, Einar from Leprous, Andy from Caliban and of course Angela Gossow, who was the first lady I heard to scream and I was greatly impressed at that time. Regrading music of all genres I was always attracted by those musicians and artists who are true and their music reflects their lives and speaks to the people, no posers or fakers. The first, I can recall, was John Lennon. Recently I got a big inspiration from a Japanese band called One OK Rock because of the story of their career, which is incredibly strong and made me believe in the power of heart that can make your dreams come true. And obviously there are others who provide me with inspiration. Many bands from Scandinavia like Enslaved, Opeth, Leprous, Marduk, Ihsahn…, but also for instance Limp Bizkit and even some rappers from K-POP and J-POP scene. I can’t name them all, but I would like to thank them for this source of light and inspiration.  


3/ Besides, you practice double singing, which is the one that represents you most ?

I work on both equally but honestly I prefer clean singing because it provides more dynamic options and It’s a better “instrument” when you want to express your feelings with melodies, which I like. On the other hand, I chose to use the mixture of vocals because scream and growl are perfect for more expressive parts of the songs and with that we can create our music more dynamic and colourful mood-wise.


4/ Your third album, "Fire and shade", will be released soon by Polymorphe Records, how did this collaboration take place ?

We are very happy about this collaboration and we would like to thank to Fred for taking such a good care of "Fire & Shade" so far. Also, big thanks go to our trusted friend Zdeněk, who made this happen, because it was him who introduced us to Polymorphe Records. We are very grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to the album release!


5/ Without saying too much, what could you say about this album ? What are the main topics ?

Well, "Fire & Shade" reflects turbulent times of our lives. The album is built around various emotions, that we have experienced and that enriched our endeavours on the path of our personal development. A huge influence on this album's music as well as lyrics, was an effort to express our internal feelings and visions, that may resonate in every single one of us because we are here together, living our lives. Our paths cross each other, go along each other and often they look alike each other! Therefore, we strongly believe "Fire & Shade" can play an emotional concert within you as well!


6/ How did the writing and recording work proceed ?

The main compositions were made by our guitarist Matyas. Link added some arrangements and I wrote most of the lyrics for the album. We started working on the material for this album almost 3 years ago, but it evolved naturally to the final form, in which you can listen to it on the album. I have a very strong memory of writing the refrain for LXXV (Deliverance), which is the last song on the album. I hadn’t been able to come up with anything satisfying for quite a long time until the longest day of the year, when it struck after an interesting night spent with my friend and I was completely overwhelmed with that feeling and wrote the lyrics and that catchy melody, which I personally loved from the very first moment. Such moments are very important because it’s something intuitive that gives you the flow of creativity.


7/ What is your news and what are your projects?

 We are currently working on new songs as well as on our musical skills development. I don’t want to talk about it too much, but let’s just say it’s going to be more elaborate in terms of compositions, while we keep our main characteristic features of our music. We have some new influences on the current material (and we started using 8 string guitar as well ;) ) and more responsible approach, so it goes really well. With regards to "Fire & Shade" we have new promo pics coming out real soon, we are shooting a music video for "The Blood" (should be out in April or May), next we will post a second single called "The Perdition" along with a lyric video. We are also getting ready for live shows, that will take place from Summer onward. Since we would like to have a tour in Europe, we are looking into such opportunity.

For me personally, I had a very busy start of this year, working hard to improve my skills and grow as a singer, musician and last but not least as a person.


8/ Děkuji, it was a pleasure to make this interview, I let you conclude and wish you a successful continuation.

 Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasure ! Again I would like to take this opportunity and thank to all of our fans and supporters who have been with us and been giving us their love, feedback, advice and sometimes putting hurdles in our way so we had to get over them, which made us stronger and even more determined! I hope "Fire & Shade" will reach to the hearts of its listeners and will be able to make them feel something, because it’s about life we all live! Please take care and keep rooting for us!

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