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1/ Hello, we will start with the traditional presentation of the group...
Hi, it is a huge pleasure to have the opportunity to talk a bit about SavageZ. The band is Hugo Andrade on drums, Rodolfo Mnac on bass, Rogers Rocha and Felipe Morgoth on guitars and me, Ahnysha Krüst on vocals.

2/ You have opted for a death with female vocals, powerful but without opting for the growl, why this choice ?
Actually, it kind of happened unconsciously, I have always been able to do this kind of vocals and it turned out to match exactly with what we wanted for "New Dimensions". I have always been massively influenced by Chuck Schuldiner, and it helped considerably.

3/ Ahnysha, did your voice require a lot of work? How do you maintain it ?
It was a bit complicated in the beginning, I got hurt a few times, because I did not know how to do the technique correctly. It took a year or so for me to feel comfortable about it and do it the right way. Nowadays, practicing with the band has been enough for me to keep my voice trained per se.

4/ Can you introduce us to your first album, "New dimensions" ? What is the main theme ?
We tried to explore a variety of themes that have to do with life and death, the approximation to the inevitable oblivion, the uncertain future, and some related topics that lead to death in a way or another, such as religion, war, vengeance, fear, hate and ignorance. We hope to have been able to scratch the surface of these rich and complex themes.

5/ How did the composition and recording process take place ?
We were eager to produce something. Finishing the compositions did not take long, recording was a slow process though. We did everything at home, so we felt kind of free to record and make adjustments until we split up for a year. In 2019 we decided to put the band back together and launch "New Dimensions".

6/ You first released "New dimensions" in self-production, and since then you have signed with Polymorphe Records for its distribution in Europe. How did this collaboration take place ?
We came across Polymorphe on the internet, they had already produced some bands that we know. Then we decided to contact Fred and show him our record. He offered a contract to distribute in Europe, it turned out to be great.

7/ Now that the album is out, what are your projects, both on stage and in the recording studio ?
We are focusing on promoting "New Dimensions", doing gigs, planning a new music video and contacting people. Also, we already started pre-producing our new record.

8/ Thank you for giving me this interview. I let you conclude it....
We thank La Legion for this amazing opportunity, we salute the readers and hope to meet you all very soon.

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