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1/ Hello Alex and Martín, could you start by introducing yourself and Xipe Totec ?

Hello everyone, we are 2 guys who wanted to make a project that mixes the old Mexican culture and death metal, things that we both love. We are an old band, but we make the fusion that characterizes us since 2010


2/ How did you come to choose pre-Hispanic music and language nahuatl ? Isn't it difficult to use to create your texts ?

it is hypothetical the prehispanic sounds that we make, there really was not any vestige of how the music was at that time, but nevertheless we know the type of instruments that they used, I add according to the rhythms of death metal and the riffs tonic the prehispanic fusion to death metal The Nahuatl language is really difficult, I studied it for 3 years in a university but I do not know the language completely, we have a translator. For the voice issue it is also difficult to record in this language and especially for the words that are so agglutinating at a rapid pace.


3/ The group stopped all activity for 13 years, what happened ?

I was finishing school and started working, he was also doing projects like Yatrogeny and Eclectic Spawn, then I met Alex and decided to do something a little more exotic and original. Brutal Death Metal with a swampy and ancient sound, that goes back to the ancient era of the Mexica, speaking of human sacrifice, mythology and what better than in its ancient language. create a scary and interesting atmosphere for metalheads.


4/ What are the different instruments you use, apart from the classical guitar/bass/drums ?

Rain stick, huehuetl, teponaztli, rattles and flutes.


5/ What are the themes you explore in your compositions ?

Human sacrifices, nahua poetry, mythology, and an oco about the warrior honor that was held at the time. Here in Mexico, in this issue, many believe that there were no human sacrifices, for example, the dancers say this kind of thing. But the archeology and traditional anthropology affirms that yes because it is studied analytically. In all ancient cultures there was this type of religious surrender to their deities, I do not see an exception in Mexico. the cult to the death and to one beyond is a subject very rooted by the old Mexicans.


6/ How does the musical creation process work? And who takes care of your artwork ?

The design and all the art is in charge of Alex Camacho and his brother. The process of musical composition is taking out all the riffs in the guitar and with spaces to give pre-Hispanic atmosphere ... however, many of the riffs are also given by the pre-Hispanic drums in the background.


7/ "Miquian" has just been re-released via Polymorphe Records on February 23rd. How was this collaboration started and why this album among those you released ?

We have a friend in common with whom I played a long time ago in Dew Of Nothing, René Espino was the one who contacted me with Fred Martinez, since he was looking for a band from prehispanic nature


8/ The year after its release, you received the Kalani Award in the pre-Hispanic metal category, what did you feel when you received this award ?

I think that many years of work and dedication to music gave a fruit represented in a horny hand and finally I think it was quite pleasant. I see it as a symbol that pre-Hispanic metal is emerging, growing, as a kind of new, original, and honest metal that can be made in America. Unes the paraphernalia that we like to metalheads: music, culture, and the dark. The Kalani Award is an incentive to keep doing things.


9/ What is your current situation with Xipe Totec? And with your other bands ?

we are recording the new album called "Tlamiquih" (All things die), it is I think, the fastest and the one that has more riffs than the previous ones, the production will be different. We are also working Alex and I, Yatrogeny's new album, is melodic death metal to the old school of the 90s: Gates of Ishtar, In Flames, Unanimated, Ablaze my Sorrow, Dark Tranquility etc. The theme is depressing, pessimistic. parading philosophers of the likes of Schopenhauer, Ciorán, Sophocles, etc. I hope both albums give birth this year 2019

Alex has his thrash metal band called Mortal Pestilence, also this year comes another project that we have called Slaves Of Pain, which is also thrash death metal. Personally I'm doing another stoner doom metal project called Consolamentum, more of the type of Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Candlemass, with ecclesiastical theme, reminiscing the ancient hermits.


10 / Thank you for giving me this interview, which I let you conclude…

We have several projects apart from Xipe Totec, we want a more mature sound in the next albums. Thank you very much for the interview and how gratifying that we can bring you a more Mexican sound, more from the new world to the old world, a style is created that recalls the ancient to our days, and what unites us in reality are 2 fundamental passions in the art: music and ancient civilizations.

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